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Our initial product launch includes a >1000mg total Cannabinoids, 1oz Oral Hemp Oil Tincture (bottle and measured dropper), as well as a 2oz, >300mg total Cannabinoid, Topical Pain Cream container.

Both are “Broad Spectrum” products, containing 0.0% THC, in our “Black Label” product line (more products and product lines are on the drawing board!)—packed with a full complement of Cannabinoids (~113 known)—Terpenes (~140 known)—Flavonoids (~20 known)—Amino Acids (~18 known) and, Essential Fatty Acids (~2 known)—all contained in this amazing “Miracle” Hemp Plant—rounding out these marvelous product formulations!

…the tincture bottle…we have brought to you with our bottle a bit of the thrilling days of yesteryear! Nostalgia, from remarkable days gone by…in an iconic bottle colored and shaped like the old apothecary bottles seen more than a century ago. Branded with our logo, bringing back that sense of character, when manners mattered, and a hand shake and your word was your oath and bond! An image that brings a smile to your face as it brings a sense of calm to your soul…everything is as it should be…peaceful…serene….