Who We Are

There was a time when manners mattered. When a hand shake and a spoken word was enough of a contract. When a person’s character and values were what defined them. That may seem like a fantasy or long forgotten dream, but not to us.

We believe in giving our best every time, even when it’s hard. We believe in standing behind our work, even when it’s uncomfortable. And even though it may cost more, doing the right thing is always worth it.

We are everyday folks helping others live better lives.

We are your friends and neighbors.

We are Good Ol’ Boys.

Why Choose Us?


Everything you use to help you on your wellness journey should make you feel confident and secure. You should be able to trust that the CBD products you choose to use are of the best quality available and are backed by science.

Only the Best

Purity and potency are the minimum standard for Good Ol’ Boys products. We hold our products to the highest quality control standards possible by only using “White Glove” cGMP/ISO approved Certified Organic Facilities, inspected by Federal Agencies: the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

We use Premium Broad Spectrum Whole Hemp Plant Extracts from the best sources on the planet, and secondary ingredients that are second to none! When you purchase Good Ol’ Boys, you will always receive the best the industry has to offer.

Our Mission

To supply you with premium CBD products that will deliver a better sense of wellness.

Every product is designed to help address the physical, mental, and emotional needs you face in the endurance race we call life. We work tirelessly to bring new and better products to you as time, knowledge, and technology advances in this dynamic industry.


Our Product

At Good Ol’ Boys, we are committed to providing you the highest quality products at a price point fitting your budget, by creating incredible products of the highest quality. Our commitment to quality is enshrined in two words you will find repeated across everything we create: purity and potency. Whether we offer 2 products or 200, we commit to always create the kinds of products that you can use with confidence that the products are unadulterated by cheap fillers and potent enough to help your body function better.

Our Story


My name is Marlayna LeClair, I am Co-President and CEO of Good Ol' Boys LLC, along with my father and business partner, Mark LeClair Sr.

I’ve always had a passion for medicine and helping others. I’ve spent the last 15 years in the Veterinary Medical Field, gaining a variety of titles and expertise.

But before getting into Veterinary Medicine, I was a professional athlete. Rugby was my sport of choice, and if you know anything about Rugby, you know just how brutal it is. Basically, it’s 80 minutes of none stop running, hitting, and tackling without pads.

Thanks to that, I have spent the better part of 15 years having Doctors take me apart and put me back together again. I have had surgeries on both ankles, my right shoulder, and my left knee (4 times). I even lost an inch off my height from spinal compression and I now have Osteoarthritis in my knees and shoulders.

When it comes to pain, I'm the poster child.

But I was sick of taking OPIOD'S, ibuprofen, Tylenol and Aleve. They may have helped numb the pain, but they wrecked havoc on my liver.

But I’m not the only person in my family with pain.

Both my parents were involved in a high speed multiple roll over car crash in 2011, where my dad broke his back in two places, damaged most of his vertebral discs, had multiple surgeries and now has a pacemaker because the accident destroyed the electrical system of his heart. My mother also suffers from a long lasting concussion from the car crash, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis.

So at the end of 2019, my family and I began a journey to discover a more natural and less harmful way to manage our pain. And that led us to CBD, which has helped in ways that I cannot begin to describe.

Using my passion for medicine, and pharmacology specifically, I figured that it would be easy to find a great product. Boy was I wrong!

I purchased about 15 different products and applied my love for science to finding the best one.

But with all the different farming and processing methods, and all the types of products available, finding the right combination was hard. None of the products we had originally purchased were quality-driven, and, shockingly, some didn’t actually contain any CBD.

And as we dissected the ingredients lists of all of these products, we realized that we could use our personal connections to source better ingredients and make better products. With my fathers 30+ years of engineering experience in the manufacturing world, and my love for the medical part of the process, we were able to zero in on quality facilities and methods.

Since that time we've put a lot of thought, time, and effort into formulating not only our primary ingredients, but our secondary ingredients as well, because we have learned that every ingredient that goes into our products matters. We wanted every ingredient in our products to serve a purpose, allowing our clients to reap not only the benefits from the Primary Ingredient (Broad Spectrum Hemp extracts) but also from our secondary ingredients, as well.

The quality we expect from ourselves is the same quality we expect from our partners on the manufacturing side. And we are proud to say that their mindset has helped them created premium hemp extracts that are ranked among the top in the world.

We are proud to serve family, friends and our community in providing the absolute best products in the marketplace. And we look forward to helping you reach new heights in your wellness journey as part of the Good Ol’ Boys Family!