Potency & Purity

Potency and Purity is of utmost importance to Good Ol’ Boys! Our products are only produced in “White Glove” cGMP/ISO approved facilities. Inspected by Federal Agencies (FDA—Food and Drug Administration) and the (USDA—United States Department of Agriculture—for Certified Organic Facilities).

This ensures the highest quality control standards possible are adhered too, and verified. Giving you confidence in your purchase that everything that could be done was done in the preparation of the highest quality-products, of which we offer.

Why Choose Us?


Our mission, is to supply you with a premium product that will deliver a better sense of “wellness.” Products that will add all the components necessary to help address the physical, mental and emotional—whole body needs—life’s daily grind leaves you to endure. That is why we use “only” Premium Broad Spectrum Whole Hemp Plant Extracts from the best sources on the planet, and secondary ingredients that are second to none in this industry! It is our goal to always provide the best this industry has to offer. To work tirelessly to bring new and better products to you as time and knowledge and technology advances in this dynamic industry.


Our Product

At Good Ol’ Boys, we are committed to providing you the highest quality products at a price point fitting your budget—by creating incredible products of the highest “Potency” and “Purity” in this Hemp Products Industry, delivering to you—“EXCEPTIONAL VALUE!”

…the tincture bottle…we have brought to you with our bottle a bit of the thrilling days of yesteryear! Nostalgia from remarkable days gone by…in an iconic bottle colored and shaped like the old apothecary bottles seen more than a century ago. Branded with our logo that brings back that sense of character, when manners mattered, and a hand shake and your word was your oath and bond! An image that brings a smile to your face as it brings a sense of calm to your soul…everything is as it should be….calm…peaceful…serene….

Our Story


My name is Marlayna LeClair, I am Co-President and CEO of Good Ol' Boys LLC, along with my father and business partner, Mark LeClair Sr. 

I would like to take some time and tell you a little more about myself, my father, our company, and the unwavering quality standards that set our products apart in this marketplace. 

I have spent the last 14 years in the Veterinary Medical Field and have held the title of Veterinary Assistant, Lead Technician, SME (Subject Matter Expert) on Preventative Care, Practice Manager and Professor of the Veterinary Assisting Course at Pima Medical, in San Diego, California. 

Medicine has always been a huge passion of mine and I feel that we are always trying to improve ourselves in one way or another physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Before getting into Veterinary Medicine, I was a professional athlete, Rugby was my sport of choice, if you know anything about Rugby, you know that it is 80 minutes of none stop hitting and tackling (without pads) and running.

Needless to say, I have spent the better part of 15 years having Dr's put me back together again. 

Some of my surgeries include both ankles, right shoulder and left knee (4 times), I have lost an inch off my height from spinal compression and have Osteoarthritis in my knees and shoulders, however, I would do it all over again, if given the chance—best time of my life!

I said all of that to say this, when it comes to pain, I'm the poster child. 

I was sick of taking OPIOD'S, ibuprofen, Tylenol and Aleve, my liver functions were always off every time I had blood work and I was told to take less anti-inflammatory medications because it was now adversely effecting my health, specifically my liver. 

At the end of 2019 we began a journey to discover more about natural remedies, specifically with CBD related products. We went out and purchased about 15 different CBD products and decided to try them out, to see which one worked the best; my favorite subject to teach in school was Pharmacology (the study of drugs), so we thought it would be fairly easy to pick out some good quality CBD products—boy were we wrong!

We were not aware that CBD could be so involved, It seemed as though a whole new world was opening up to us, and as we began to study about farming methods, hemp extraction processes, various CBD type products—Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum products, as well as isolated CBD products, and secondary ingredients, and how to combine these ingredients using amazing industry partners, we began to realize that all of those products that we previously purchased were really not quality driven products at all, and some were even placebo products containing no Cannabinoids/CBD. 

We had no idea where these products really came from and found no one who could answer these questions for us. We realized we needed to be different. That is why every Good Ol’ Boys product has an unbroken chain of custody from the farmers field to the finished product in our customers hand!

As we disected the main and secondary ingredients of all of these products, we realized that we could do so much better; and use our experience and expertise to make products that were made with nothing but the highest quality ingredients and formulations in mind—to be quality, and not price driven!

My fathers more than 30 years of engineering expertise evaluating thousands of manufacturing facilities and their many processes, helped us zero in on what quality should look like. 

At this point there was no turning back! We as a family needed these products—our friends needed these products, we all needed the relief these products could provide, and so did everyone else—and just like that, our company was born! 

In January 2020, after researching and studying with my father, a retired mechanical systems engineer, for several months now, we decided to enter into a business partnership, in an amazing adventure, to bring goodness to the world! We couldn’t be happier than to be working together in this marvelous endeavor…!

Both my parents were involved in a high speed multiple roll over car crash in 2011, my dad broke his back in two places, damaged most of his vertebral discs, had multiple surgeries and now has a pacemaker because the accident destroyed the electrical system of his heart. It forced his retirement from his engineering career. 

My mother suffers from a long lasting concussion from the car crash, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis, so to say that my parents could both benefit from this product, was an understatement—and they have benefited from our companies products—greatly!

We searched high and low for the best extract in the world; if we were to make the highest quality product, we would need the highest quality extract(s). 

We investigated countless hemp extracts available on the market; in the end, we just made one big circle right back to the very first extraction facility we investigated.  They had everything we were looking for and much much more, from every necessary certification, industry patent and patent pending, to using the gold standard of hemp extraction, to now creating an extraction process that is the envy of the hemp extraction world. Along with their patented THC remediation process, removing THC from the finished hemp extract to below 0.0%. 

The potency and purity of our Ivy League PhD extraction partners patented hemp extract process boasts numbers that industry experts cannot even fathom; their mindset to quality driven standards have made their hemp extract products among the top in the world. It is the mindset we have adopted for our company, as well. 

We've put a lot of thought, time and effort into formulating not only our primary ingredients, but our secondary ingredients, as well; when formulating a product, you must be conscious of the various needs of each individual person, and then do everything in your power to cater to those needs. This is one of our primary goals and our constant mission, at Good Ol’ Boys. 

For instance, skin sensitivity to scents; we went with a natural organic citrus scent for our Topical Pain Cream to minimize causing a rash for those with skin sensitivities—it is working very well for our clients! 

With our Tincture, we discovered that anything mint flavor may cause those with acid reflux or heartburn to have more episodes, so we decided against it, and went with a natural organic flavor of sweet orange. 

We wanted everything in our products to help serve a purpose, allowing our clients to reap not only the benefits from the Primary Ingredient—Broad Spectrum Hemp extracts, but also from our secondary ingredients, as well. 

We are proud to serve family, friends and our community in providing the absolute best products in the marketplace. We are pleased to say that we have not had one return of our product since we launched in Jan 2021, more than 10 months from this writing. 

We will never waver from our mission  to help provide Physical Health, Emotional Strength and Mental Fortitude to all of you, our Good Ol' Boys Family!