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Oral Tincture and Pain Cream

Who We Are...

Let's journey back to a time when manners and integrity were the cornerstones of trust. A time when a handshake and spoken word held the weight of a contract, and a person's character defined them. It might sound like a distant dream, but it's very much alive in us.

At Good Ol Boys, we still believe in those timeless values. We believe in giving our absolute best, even when it's tough. We stand unwaveringly behind our work, even when it's challenging. And yes, doing what's right might sometimes come at a higher cost, but it's a price we're more than willing to pay.

Why? Because we're not just a brand; we're everyday folks dedicated to helping others live better lives. We're your friends and neighbors, here to support you on your journey to well-being. We are, and always will be, Good Ol Boys.

Why Choose Us?

Good Ol Boys Good Ol' Boys

On your path to wellness, every choice you make should instill confidence and security. You deserve to have complete trust in the CBD products that accompany you on this journey, knowing that they represent the pinnacle of quality and are firmly grounded in scientific backing. Your well-being is our top priority, and we're here to ensure you feel assured every step of the way.


Each of our pure CBD products is meticulously crafted to support you in the grand marathon of life, addressing not just the physical but also the mental and emotional facets of your well-being. We're committed to your journey, and our dedication knows no bounds.


As time unfolds and knowledge deepens, we promise to continually innovate and evolve in this ever-dynamic industry. We're in this together, and we're here to ensure you have access to the best tools for your journey toward holistic wellness.


Only the Best


At Good Ol’ Boys, we set the bar at nothing less than superior purity and unmatched potency. But we don't stop there; we raise the standard even higher.


Our pure CBD products undergo rigorous quality control within "White Glove" cGMP/ISO-approved Certified USDA Organic Facilities. These facilities are under the watchful eyes of federal agencies like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). When you choose Good Ol’ Boys, you're choosing excellence backed by stringent inspection.


We source Premium Broad Spectrum Whole Hemp Plant Extracts from the most exceptional place on the planet, and our secondary ingredients are nothing short of extraordinary. It's our promise that when you invest in Good Ol’ Boys, you're investing in the absolute best the industry has to offer. Your well-being deserves nothing less.


Our Mission

We're on a mission, and it's all about you. Our aim is crystal clear: to provide you with Premium Broad Spectrum, THC Free Pure CBD products that go beyond the ordinary. We're here to usher in a new level of well-being, tailored just for you. Your journey to a better sense of wellness starts right here!



Oral Tincture and Pain Cream

Our Products...

Welcome to Good Ol’ Boys, where our unwavering commitment is to bring you top-tier products that not only meet but also align with your budget. We're all about crafting extraordinary products of the utmost quality.

Our dedication to excellence can be summed up in two powerful words you'll encounter throughout our creations: purity and potency. Whether it's 2 products or an extensive lineup of 200, our promise remains the same. We're here to ensure that every product you choose embodies unwavering quality. They're free from any unwelcome fillers and packed with the potency your body deserves to function at its best.

With Good Ol’ Boys, you can use each product with unwavering confidence, knowing that it's been crafted with your well-being as the top priority.

Our Story

Good Ol Boys Good Ol' Boys

 Greetings from the heart of Colorado !


We're more than just a brand; we're a family, and we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We're the Good Ol’ Boys, a trio that's committed to your well-being.


I'm Mark, the dad of this dynamic team. With over 30 years as a mechanical Systems Engineer and a stint in the US Navy, I've seen my share of challenges and triumphs. I've been married to my incredible wife, Gloria, since 1976, and our journey together has been filled with love, care, and affection.


Speaking of Gloria, she's not just an amazing wife but also a world-class cook and baker. With four children to raise and one more in the form of yours truly, she deserves a medal for her superhuman efforts!


We're lucky to call beautiful Colorado our home. However, life threw us a curveball in 2011 when we experienced a harrowing accident on the I-25 Interstate Highway, a 75mph, 4-time roll-over ordeal. We became living examples of pain and suffering.


Our daughter, Marlayna, joined us in this journey of pain and perseverance. She endured multiple physical traumas, from her time in Professional Rugby to handling animals in veterinary medicine for over 16 years, resulting in multiple reconstructive surgeries.


In 2019, we decided to embark on a quest for a more natural and less harmful approach to managing our health and pain. This quest led us into the realm of the CBD industry, and we thought, with Marlayna's background in pharmacology, finding high-quality Pure CBD products would be a breeze. To our surprise, it wasn't.


We purchased around 15 different hemp products and tested them personally, becoming our own guinea pigs. Sadly, none of these products met our quality standards, and some didn't even contain pure CBD!


That's when we realized we could leverage our connections to source superior ingredients and create exceptional products. Mark's 30+ years of engineering experience, much of which was in manufacturing, and Marlayna's passion for the medical aspect, equipped us to identify top-notch facilities and establish effective processes.


Since then, we've put considerable thought, time, and effort into our formulations, not only for our primary ingredient, Premium Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracts but also for our carefully selected secondary ingredients. We believe every ingredient should serve a purpose, ensuring our clients benefit from the best.


Our commitment to quality extends to our manufacturing partners, and we take pride in collaborating with them to create premium hemp products that rank among the world's finest.


Serving our family, friends, and community fills us with pride as we provide the very best products in the marketplace. We're excited to have you as part of the Good Ol’ Boys Family, and we're here to support you on your wellness journey, helping you reach new heights in well-being.




The Good Ol' Boys Family