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Why Trust Good OL’ Boys LLC, FROM THE BEGINNING. Our Hemp Extraction partner has used the “Gold Standard” in their extraction process which was Food Grade Ethanol Extraction.

NOW—A NEW PATENTED TECHNOLOGY developed by our partner, PhD Ivy League scientists. Utilize a new process using ethanol equivalent compounds to create a more robust, finished Hemp Extract Product. The best just keeps getting better…!

OUR PARTNER IN HEMP PLANT EXTRACTION also sets the “Gold Standard” in the industry. And has held a patent (since 2016) on a special process of “THC” removal from the Whole Hemp Extract they produce. Sourced from the highest quality “Hemp” that can be found in the industry.

That was then!

THIS IS NOW—a new patented. USDA Certified THC Remediation/Removal process allows THC converted into the cannabinoid, CBN (the “calming” cannabinoid). Used No solvents. Minor cannabinoids can increase their potency  through this process “x8!”. Making our Hemp Extract product as Powerfully Potent as it is Pure!

Our scientist partners are able to reduce any THC in the hemp product from <0.3%, to levels of 0.0% THC, with these patented processes. Utilizing industry-approved testing standards, confirmed through  independent third-party laboratory testing—rendering the test results as:

LOQ: 0.0% THC content (see FAQ: What is Broad Spectrum?—for a more detailed explanation).

Usually expressed: THC <LOQ [Limit of Quantification]—0.0%.

Other hemp extractors can as well—here is the difference!

Good OL’ Boys LLC HEMP EXTRACTION PARTNER is able to achieve an undetectable THC content level of (0.0%). Leaving the potency and purity profile of the Finished Raw Hemp Extracted Product—completely undisturbed! In other words. The levels of CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC (as well as the other ~109 minor cannabinoids—terpenes—flavonoids—amino acids, and essential fatty acids). Essential Phytonutrients, maintain their—FULL PURITY and POTENCY!

Moreover, As mentioned, our Hemp Extract utilizes a new “patent pending” USDA Organic Certified THC Remediation process. Where Hemp Extracts produced yield 8x more minor cannabinoids (also increasing CBD levels). Using ZERO solvents, with greater than 4 detectable cannabinoids, on the laboratory analysis report. Therefore, Our Liquid Tincture and Pain Cream products utilize this “new—patent pending” technology!

Therefore, We will say it again—The BEST just keeps on getting BETTER!

WHAT DO OTHER PRODUCERS DO? The only thing they can do—they “dilute” their Hemp Extract to lower the THC levels. Also affecting the purity and diluting the potency profile of the cannabinoids in the product. —Including the terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, as well!

However, It is like mixing water into your “fresh squeezed orange juice,”—who would do that…? Better yet—who would drink it…?

Good OL’ Boys LLC Hemp Extraction Partner is also a 2018 Farm Bill Certified facility in the USA—Kosher Certified—Organic Certified (second quarter of 2021) is a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). So, FDA Certified facility—holds the Patent (since 2016) on the proprietary process of THC removal without effecting Cannabinoid purity or potency profiles, with a patent pending on their new revolutionary process of THC Remediation that is USDA Organic Certified. Processes only hemp grown in the USA, under organic farming practices—is Third Party Tested (ISO accredited analytical labs) for Potency—Heavy Metals—Pesticides—Residual Solvent—and Microbial content. Delivering to their customers (ultimately—YOU!) a superior product you can trust!

Therefore, Our Hemp Extraction Partner holds 20+ patents/patents pending…!

The Hemp Extract used in Good Ol’ Boys products is grown in: Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. It's sourced from a close set of growers who consistently meet the high quality marks of both “PURITY” and “POTENCY” in the raw hemp they produce—subscribing to “ORGANIC GROWING METHODS,” and owning their own non-GMO “SEED STOCK.”

Hence, Our final product formulation partner is a “white glove,” cGMP/ISO,” FDA inspected and certified facility in the USA. In business for many decades. Also designated as an Organic Certified, USDA-inspected facility. They are “Top-Shelf,” with a laser beam focus on quality!

So, Trust—is paramount in good customer relations!

Value received for money spent—is of extreme importance to Good Ol’ Boys!

Meanwhile, Our ultimate goal at Good Ol’ Boys is to assist you in your health goals! We seek to educate you about the products we offer and how to properly use them to achieve your desired health goals.

TransparencyTrustValue…all lend to our combined goal: making “YOU a better YOU!”

So, Every ingredient in our products added with thoughtful consideration, catering to “your” multiple needs—health-wise.

THC—It is important to clarify: no ingredient in any of our products is “psychoactive,”— it will not give you a “high,” or give you a sense of euphoria—Third Party Lab Analysis verifies our products contain 0.0% THC!—all of our products are “FEDERALLY LEGAL,” and are in complete compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill Act, passed by Congress and signed into Law.

Beware of labeling that states a product is “THC Free,” or “0% THC.” Labeling expressing “THC Free” should state the product is “0.0% THC Free.”

Moreover, If you want to help ensure you are taking a product that will not show a possible “positive” on a drug test, the label should indicate the product is: 0.0% THC!—as verified by the laboratory analysis test report—COA (Certificate of Analysis).

Case in point: ALL AND WE MEAN ALL hemp extracts produced under the 2018 Farm Bill Act are 0% THC—(<0.3% THC being the legal maximum standard).

Not all Hemp Extracts produced under the 2018 Farm Bill Act are “0.0% THC”—look for these products—and know the difference—if THC content is an issue!

Therefore, Don’t be fooled by “slick” “misleading” or “deceptive” marketing—and learn to decipher what a seller is “NOT SAYING”—on their product labeling!!!

However, CBD products are “NOT” habit-forming drugs!…

According to the World Health Organization: (and multitudes of scientific studies) “CBD is safe for human use…and CBD is not habit forming.”

—(Cannabidiol {CBD}, Critical Review Report, Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, Fortieth Meeting, and Geneva, 4-7 June 2018).

Therefore, We at Good Ol’ Boys would never use an ingredient we were not confident is safe, proven, and effective!   

Good Ol’ Boys uses Premium Broad Spectrum Whole Hemp Plant Extracts—this allows cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, to remove from the hemp plant for a wider range of useful phytonutrient health benefits!—aka THE ENTOURAGE EFFECT!!!

The “proof” is in the “pudding,” as they say: our Premium Broad Spectrum Whole Hemp Plant extraction partners (a cohort of Ivy League, Ph.D. scientists), proclaim this product—(the hemp extract used in every Good Ol’ Boys “human use” product), their TEAM FAVORITE!”

Who would know better…what product formulation is—“the best!?”

At the end of an exhausting day, we find ourselves consumed, suffering with the day's challenges—pain, anxiety, moodiness—you name it.

Our mission is to supply you with a premium product that will deliver a better sense of “wellness.” Products that will add all the components necessary to help address the physical, mental, and emotional—whole body needs—life’s daily grind leaves you to endure. That is why we use “only” Premium Broad Spectrum Whole Hemp Plant Extracts from the best sources on the planet! It is our goal to always provide the best this industry has to offer. To work tirelessly to bring new and better products to you as time knowledge and technology advance in this dynamic industry.

So, Always focused on VALUE!

Meanwhile, We will always have your best interests at heart…working daily—diligently, to always and forever earn and keep your trust.

Oh, and let us add…there is no product produced at Good Ol’ Boys, now, or in the future that we would not gladly give to our loving—Mothers!

     …From our hand, to yours,

                                                             —Good Ol’ Boys 

                                                                                                                     …and the leaf thereof for medicine.

                                                                                                                                                                                    —Ezekiel 47:12b

                                                                                      …and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

                                                                                                                                                                                   —Revelation 22:2b