Autoimmune Disorders: Discover a Natural Path to Wellness!! 

Unleashing the Wonders of Hemp for —Autoimmune Disorders!

Neurological Autoimmune Disease

Myasthenia Gravis, Neurological AutoImmune Disease

In recent days, our consultations have been abuzz with inquiries about Autoimmune Disorders. In addition to this, the emergence of new symptoms in our valued clients. Understanding these conditions is vital because they hold the power to manifest in various ways, often driven by one common trigger: inflammation, or more specifically, chronic inflammation. When your body grapples with persistent symptoms, it places undue stress on its intricate systems, particularly the immune system. With a weakened immune response, vulnerability to various illnesses becomes a stark reality.

But here’s where the enchanting journey begins. Hemp, in all its awe-inspiring glory, steps into the limelight, seeking to fortify your immune system in ways that seem almost magical.

Dr. Ethan Russo, MD, a remarkable figure, in the field of neurology and psychopharmacology. A renowned medical advisor, and a global expert in the realms of medical cannabis and hemp. Above all, provides us with an enlightening perspective. He wisely reminds us that while no one can claim that hemp is a cure for Auto-Immune Disorders, it does wield the remarkable power to alleviate symptoms to such an extent that it might feel like a miraculous transformation. That’s right, we’re talking about the potential for life-changing relief!

Multiple Sclerosis, Autoimmune Disorder

Multiple Sclerosis, AutoImmune Disorder eats away at the Protective Covering of Nerves, resulting Nerve Damage Disrupts Communication between the Brain and the Body.

When clients are referred to Good Ol’ Boys by their physicians, we embark on a comprehensive journey that encompasses their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s an essential step because stress and depression often walk hand in hand with these disorders. This can significantly hinder the body’s ability to restore itself to a state of balance, known as Homeostasis.

What’s truly astonishing is that Dr. Russo advocates for daily hemp use. Yes, you read that correctly! Hemp should become as integral to your daily routine as a trusty multivitamin. Why, you ask? Because, quite simply, every individual on this planet carries some level of deficiency in Cannabinoids. These are molecules found in the hemp plant, which your body naturally produces. It’s a revelation that might just leave you awestruck! The hemp plant ingeniously mimics the very molecules that exist within your body, so there’s no need to shy away from this remarkable fact.

Vitiligo is a Chronic (long-lasting) AutoImmune Disorder that Causes Pathes of Skin to Lose Pigment or Color.

Above all, this brings us to the pivotal role of products like those offered by Good Ol’ Boys. Our bodies yearn for daily supplementation with THC-Free, 3rd-Party-Tested, Pure, and Potent hemp products, all of which we proudly provide.

The synergy between Good Ol’ Boys and medical professionals is a testament to the growing realization of the importance of hemp products in alternative healthcare. Therefore, Doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and a host of other natural health professionals have come to place their trust in our brand.

Psoriasis, an autoimmune Ski condition disorder

Psoriasis, an Autoimmune Skin Condition, leads to redness, inflammation, and scaly patches on the skin.

Here’s a glimpse of how Good Ol’ Boys’ products might assist you on your journey:

Topical Pain Cream: It’s your armor against surface-level inflammation, addressing a wide range of issues from bug bites and sunburn to arthritis and acne. Above all, if it’s associated with pain and inflammation, our Pain Cream has you covered.

Oral Tincture: This versatile elixir, whether ingested or applied topically, promises mental clarity, balanced bodily functions, and a return to Homeostasis. Cannabinoids are the unsung heroes, steering the ship of your internal systems towards regulation and repair–it’s a remarkable journey of self-restoration.

Auto-Immune Disorders and chronic inflammation often go hand in hand. By taming this inflammation, we can influence the secondary response, which is the disorder itself. Consequently, Dr. Russo’s insights point us in this direction, offering hope to those battling the turmoil of diffuse inflammation throughout the body.

inflammation, the precursor to all Autoimmune disorders

Inflammation Serves as the Common Precursor to all Autoimmune Disorders.

For those grappling with chronic illnesses, we urge you to explore the article (Click Here) released by Oregon State University in January 2022, for example. Above all, it delves into the incredible potential of CBDA and CBGA, two key molecules present in every Good Ol’ Boys product. To clarify, these molecules exhibit the extraordinary ability to combat the COVID Spike Protein and its variants. Most importantly, effectively shielding your cells and safeguarding your health against a range of illnesses.

CBD Hemp Products are for dogs and cats and all pets

Aaaaaaahhhh…so CUTE!

But wait, there’s more! Your furry companions can partake in the benefits too. Our Oral Tincture, designed primarily for humans, is safe for pets as well. For dogs and cats, the recommended dose is 1 drop for every 10 pounds of body weight. Subsequently, ensuring that your four-legged friends share in the wellness journey.

And if you’ve been searching for a solution to sleep troubles, our product can offer a soothing answer. The ample CBN in our Oral Tincture, known as the “calming cannabinoid,” aids in peaceful slumber without drowsiness during the day.

insomnia, Sleep in the Essential foundation upon which our Physical and Mental Well-Being, Productivity, and overall Quality of Life are Built.

Sleep in the Essential foundation upon which our Physical and Mental Well-Being, Productivity, and overall Quality of Life are Built.

Good Ol’ Boys was born from the desire to provide an alternative to conventional synthetic medications. We believe in a natural path to a healthier, safer life, offering you the chance to regain control.

Thank you for delving into this treasure trove of knowledge as you embark on your quest for a happier, healthier you!

Remember, consultations are always FREE. Above all, we’re here to help guide you through this remarkable journey.

With best wishes for your well-being!

Relation of Endocannabinoid System to Migraine, Fibromyalgia, IBS—Dr. Ethan Russo, MD

Practical Experience in Treating Patients—Dr. Bonni Goldstein

~ The Good Ol’ Boys Team

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