Did you know our bodies create cannabinoids?…an essential molecule that regulates and repairs our entire living system—our bodies!

With our modern diets, over processed and fast foods, our food no longer contains the nutritional content necessary to sustain all the functional requirements needed to properly operate our living system…within our bodies….

Everyone has come to accept this as fact…however, we do not have to accept this as “our reality!”

Nature has provided a remedy…as it always does…!

The hemp plant also creates cannabinoids…called [1]phyto-cannabinoids, they are molecularly similar to the [2]endo-cannabinoids your body wonderfully creates— necessary for the existence of all human beings—to regulate and repair your entire living system, working 24/7—365 days a year…to maintain you in a state of homeostasis—equilibrium—balance…!

The EndoCannabinoid system—(the most important system in your body)—is where these tiny little Cannabinoid Molecules attach to receptors, allowing the brain to communicate with the body.

Have you ever wondered how the body knows how and when to respond to ever changing conditions in the body…and everything else necessary to keep you functioning normally? …now you know!

When your body has enough of these Cannabinoid Molecules available, there is a full and complete exchange of communication between the Brain and your Body, and everything operates and functions as it should.

When your body does not possess all the necessary Cannabinoid Molecules needed for this full exchange of information to properly affect and manage your entire living system…things begin to become negatively affected.

Things like…lack of energy…loss of mental focus and clarity…pain and inflammation… overwhelming effects of stress: anxiety…moodiness…depression…and a list of other issues that could stretch, pages long; then there are medical conditions that overtake us leading to long term debilitations…and again, the list goes on…

FORTUNATELY…there is an answer! The caption of this article is “Scientific Miracle in a Bottle!”

It is not our miracle…but one provided by nature—natures gift—it is an opportunity for each of us to supplement what our body is lacking, each and everyday, so that our bodies can do what they do best—regulate and repair itself…!

It is said…give the body the raw materials it needs…and it knows how to make the bricks and where to build the wall…

With Good Ol Boys THC Free (0.0% THC) Oral Tincture product, you can live your best life and always be the best version of yourself! Your body just needs the “raw materials”…it will do the rest.

Our Oral Tincture product, when used as directed will last about 90 days. There is no better value or more powerfully potent product on the planet!

Good Ol Boys not only delivers the purest most powerfully potent product in North America and Europe, but does so at a value the competition cannot come close to matching!

Good Ol Boys will always and forever have your best interests in mind with all that we do…we are privileged and honored to assist you with living your best life, helping you to always be the best version of yourself.

We originally created two amazing products which are the flagship products of our great company…an Oral Tincture and an amazing antioxidant Topical Pain Cream that also targets pain and inflammation, locking in moisture and locking out dryness…leaving your skin—silky smooth and never greasy! Ladies use our cream on their face and around their eyes—and love it!

NOW…we are excited to introduce a new product! A Broad Spectrum, THC Free (0.0% THC)—Soap Bar.

It works great as both a body soap and is amazing as a hair shampoo as well…leaving the skin squeaky clean and totally hydrated.

Have dry or itchy skin…this could be your answer. One little boy of 8 years calls this his “sleepy-time-soap” and won’t go to bed without bathing in this luxurious soap. It comes in a Goat Milk Blend, Shea Butter Blend, as well as a Combined Blend of Both! It is exhilarating in the morning…yet soothing at night, helping you with a restful nights sleep… Our customers are loving our new soaps! WE LOVE THEM, TOO…!!!

[1] phyto-cannabinoids: phyto = plants. These are cannabinoid molecules created within a living plant.

[2 ]endo-cannabinoids: endo = within. These are the cannabinoid molecules created within your human body. These same cannabinoids are also created in the bodies of all mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and birds.


LETS TAKE A MOMENT…to discuss one of todays hottest topics—WEIGHT LOSS! …CBD and Weight Loss…how are they connected…? Most physical ailments have one common denominator…so, let’s discuss the common denominator between cortisol production and insulation resistance—STRESS, it is a factor for most people in America, as well as Obesity. Did you know that STRESS and OBESITY are best friends? When you’re Stressed, have Anxiety or Depression, your body creates Cortisol, typically called the—Stress Hormone. It’s basically your bodies way of dealing with the “fight-or-flight” response. When the adrenal glands release Cortisol into your bloodstream, the Hormone (Cortisol) triggers a flood of Glucose (blood sugar) that supplies an immediate energy source to your large muscles (fight-or-flight)—Insulin production is inhibited, resulting in increased blood sugar—this is Insulin Resistance. Cortisol and Insulin Resistance are among the primary culprits responsible for weight gain around the midsection. Let’s talk Insulin resistance…Cortisol and Insulin Resistance aren’t often talked about “together,” but, they are often brought on by the same issues—STRESS…being a main component. If Cortisol increases Glucose (Blood Sugar), due to Stress, then it’s safe to say that Insulin Resistance isn’t far behind, after all, Insulin Resistance is brought on by an increase in blood sugar levels, contributing to weight gain around the midsection. Inflammation is another factor in Insulin Resistance… CBD is an amazingly versatile tool to aid in the reduction of Belly Fat, Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Inflammation…thus reducing your chances to produce Cortisol and finally reducing the amount of Blood Sugar coursing through your veins, helping to alleviate Insulin Resistance in the process. This is just another way CBD aids in returning your body to Homeostasis…your body wants to be balanced—LET IT!