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Topical Skin Cream Reactions? There is always the exception….

We have studied what some dermatologists have stated about product testing and leave some of that advice here for you to consider. We do not endorse the opinions of doctors, or anyone else for that matter here at Good Ol’ Boys. But do think it is a thoughtful gesture to advance some suggestions on how you might ascertain if a product is safe for you to use.

First, always consult a physician if you have a medical question regarding your personal association with any substance. That comes into contact with your body, be it a prescription drug, over-the-counter medication, or CBD product.

That said, let us share with you what we believe is the most logical statement. Made by a dermatologist regarding the testing of a topical agent on human skin:

One dermatologist suggests that placing a tiny amount of a topical compound (cream, lotion, ointment, etc.). In the same exact spot on one of your arms, twice a day for three days. Observing for any adverse reactions is a good way to ascertain if a product might be used more liberally upon other skin surfaces in the human body.

Therefore, we leave any experimentation of any kind to your and your physician's good judgment!