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LEST WE FORGET some very important characters in this play, Phytonutrients: TerpenesFlavonoidsAmino Acids, and Essential Fatty Acids. All essential components found in Whole-Hemp Plant Extract—all VERY greatly contributing to the effectiveness of the “many” Cannabinoids also contained therein. All together, they work to produce the—ENTOURAGE EFFECT!

ALSO SEARCH—“Possible health benefits of cannabinoids”:

  • Terpenes (~140 known)
  • Flavonoids (~20 known)
  • Amino Acids (~18 known)
  • Essential Fatty Acids (~2 known—alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid)

Good Ol’ Boys, LLC makes no claims either directly or indirectly, nor inferred, as to any benefits, nor lack thereof, regarding the use of CBD products. Or any other ingredient or compound mentioned on this website—positive or negative.

This search information is provided for the further and continued education of persons interested in discovering any. And all information available in the public arena, regarding the human or animal use of cannabinoids. All other compounds found in the FEDERALLY LEGAL Hemp Plant, as specified in the 2018 Farm Bill Act.

*CBD/CBN/CBC/CBG are just four of the more than 100 (estimated to be at least 113 and possibly as high as 144) cannabinoids found in the Hemp Plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) being the highest single concentration of those known cannabinoids, with CBN, CBC and CBG. All being classified as “major,” or “secondary” cannabinoids found in the Hemp Plant.

The other lesser cannabinoids, which rarely show up on a Third Party Laboratory Test Report—are all there as well. Time and research should, as it almost always does, open the doors to the many “secrets” still contained in the many cannabinoids found in this, so-called—“Miracle Plant!”

One thing of note….

During your research…you will undoubtedly notice an overlap of science in these many studies into the cannabinoids found in the Hemp Plant. Meaning: the scientific research into the noted effects of each and every individual cannabinoid, appears to have some different. But also some similar or overlapping effects, with the many other cannabinoids found in the Hemp Plant, on test subjects….

This is like a “football team,” organized, playing together on the field, with the same ultimate goal in mind. Each performing “their” individual and particular duty to the intended success of the whole. —A TEAM EFFORT—SYNERGY! …described in other FAQ’s…as, the ENTOURAGE EFFECT!!!