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Full Spectrum formulas considered mid-level products. Let us compare CBD products to a showcase, where the bottom shelf (lower cost/quality items) are CBD isolates. Middle shelf (higher cost/quality items) as Full Spectrum products. The top shelf (Premium items) is reserve for Broad Spectrum products. Realizing, each shelf level has its fair share of both high and low-quality products, depending upon who is producing the product, and to what standard the compounds in these products are formulate.

We have examined tincture bottles that boast “Full Spectrum” on the front of the label. When you read the ingredient list on the back, the product label specifically states it's made with “CBD Isolate.” It is either the one—or the other—IT CANNOT BE BOTH! This is false and misleading advertising, and very confusing to the consumer. Be sure to read labels and check the third-party lab test results, be sure of what you are purchasing! Reading these FAQs will help you become—product and label-savvy!

Generally, Full Spectrum products will contain a measurable amount of THC, the maximum allowable legal limit being <0.3%. However, this can be detrimental to those who are employed in jobs requiring initial or random drug testing—showing a possible positive on certain drug tests.

Full Spectrum usually has high concentrations of CBD, as well as all the other cannabinoids…and again, trace amounts of THC.

However, Full Spectrum products can be high or low quality, depending upon other factors in the manufacturing process, explained in more detail in other sections of these FAQ’s.

So, Beware of labeling that states a product is “0% THC.” Or labels that state the product is “THC Free,” without also displaying the product THC level is “0.0%.”

If you want to help ensure you are taking a product that will not show a possible “positive” on a drug test, the label should indicate the product is “0.0% THC!”—as verified by the lab analysis test report!!!

Case in point:ALL”—AND WE MEAN ALL hemp extracts produced under the 2018 Farm Bill Act are 0% THC—(<0.3% THC being the “LEGAL” standard).

However, Not all Hemp Extracts produced under the 2018 Farm Bill Act are “0.0% THC”—look for these products—and know the difference—if THC content is an issue!

Don’t be fooled by “slick” or “deceptive” marketing—learn to decipher what a seller is “NOT SAYING”—on their product labeling!!!