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Right Dosage of CBD? We think it’s safe to say that not all people and CBD products are alike, each person has their own distinct “physiology.” Because of this, the quantity of CBD consumed, depending upon purity and potency, will certainly differ from person to person, given each persons physiological differences.

Several different factors influence the amount of CBD one should consume for a particular circumstance: from body weight to age, to how quickly the CBD metabolized, as well as the purity and potency of the CBD product, to name a few. The easiest way to determine the correct amount of CBD to ingest called “Micro-measuring” (substituting for the word: “Micro-*dosing”).

Micro-measuring is accomplish when someone consumes a substance, at small measured doses, over a measured time, until a desired effect is achieved—of CBD, in this instance.

There are certain medications that do interact with CBD in a way that may inhibit the effects of CBD as a whole, make sure you speak with your Doctor about taking CBD products if you are taking any medication(s).

1 If you’re taking a CBD tincture product, for example, that has 1000mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) in its contents, Right Dosage of CBD? it's recommended to start with 3-5 drops under your tongue, for about 1 minute, swishing it around in your mouth, before swallowing (it's recommended as you absorb a lot of the CBD through your gums or “mucus membranes,” directly into your blood stream, so the longer the CBD can stay in contact with your gums, and under your tongue, the faster you may feel its desired effects). Wait 45 minutes and measure another 3-5 drops, repeating this every 45 minutes, not to exceed 6 straight hours of micro-measuring.

Stop, when your goal is met!

Make sure to write down the quantity of CBD you are consuming in each of those 45-minute segments. Consume the same quantity of CBD during each timed segment.

If you reach the 6 hour mark and have not achieved your goal for taking the CBD product, wait 6 hours before taking additional CBD product(s). Begin the micro-measuring process once again. This time, start where you left off during your original micro-measuring session.

In other words, if you took 3-drops of CBD product every 45 minutes for a total of 6 hours you would have consumed 24 drops total, begin again with 24 drops and add 3 drops every 45 minutes up to 6 hours, once again, if necessary—and so on and so forth.

You most likely would never use this much CBD during your micro-measuring test, unless you were using a diluted and/or inferior product. High-quality products with high potencies will deliver quicker results, usually with very little Dosage of CBD consumed…Hint—Hint!

Once you have achieved your “results” goal, you will have a general idea of where you should start, next time! A base-line! This would primarily apply to “chronic” type conditions (where you ingest a predetermined amount of CBD product on a regular basis).

So to summarize, it might take a little more CBD product to meet the needs of someone 300 pounds weight vs. someone 100 pounds weight. Or, someone 65 years young vs. someone 18 years old! Or, the guy who just whacked his finger with a hammer vs. someone with a minor ache—you get the point….

The quality (potency and purity) of the CBD product you are using will be the primary “key” determining factor—of how much product needed to achieve your health goals!

The above recommendations suggested guidelines “only.” We are not offering, nor are we inferring any medical advice, whatsoever! Always seek proper medical advice from a licensed physician for any and all medical questions you might have, including, but not limited to recommendations for the use of this or any CBD-related product.

It is generally understood that CBD products are safe for human and animal consumption—as studies show.

The great thing about Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum CBD—there is more “wiggle room” in measuring vs. CBD Isolate. (explained in detail under, FAQ: What is CBD Isolate—study by, Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer Research).

The Lautenberg Center study stated: “taking too little or too much “CBD Isolate” (product having Cannabidiol (CBD) “only”) is not effective if under-measured, and has no greater effect if over-measured.”

In other words, you could waste a lot of money taking “CBD Isolate”—IF, you don’t know “EXACTLY” how much you should consume—meaning, PRECISELY—EXACTLY!—for each and every different circumstance you might encounter in life!

So, where there is no increased effect taking more CBD Isolate than is necessary—is the opposite of the effect of a whole-hemp extract (Broad or Full Spectrum) product, where the “effectiveness of the full-spectrum solution [whole-hemp extracts: both, Full and Broad Spectrum] continued to increase as higher doses were administer.”—according to this Lautenberg Center study.    

You should always take the least amount or dosage of CBD product as possible, for two reasons:

  1. Over time you might buildup a tolerance to the product (as with anything else) and have to increase product quantities.
  2.  Using more product will cost you more dollars—of which, every one is precious!

Quick note here, once you have taken enough CBD to arrest whatever current issue you might be experiencing, would it further help to take additional CBD product? If it were CBD Isolate—NO, it would not…according to the Lautenberg study.

According to this same study—would there be an increase benefit to taking more Whole-Hemp Plant Extract (Full or Broad Spectrum)? …it would appear to be—yes!

It may take more than a day to figure out the exact amount of CBD product necessary for your normal or regular needs, so be patient, because once you’ve figured it out, you will have a baseline to follow—and you will be all set!

Of course we are our own best customers…so, we have a preferred method of taking our own Oral Hemp Oil Tincture product…here is how we do it and find this works very well for most people…

We take 7 drops (5.25mg) in the morning under the tongue…7 more drops under the tongue in the afternoon…spaced 6-8 hours apart is the sweet spot for most people…

Using this regimen is sure to put a—SMILE ON YOUR FACE…!